A project is a way to organize tasks, discussions, scheduling, accounts and documentation; and to coordinate these items within a user group assigned to that project. These users can be either employees of your organization or clients.

Project Creation

Employees and admins both have the ability to create projects. Click the large plus icon on the main project screen, give the project a name, stage and assign users. Optionally, you can specify a thumbnail (recommended) and update the project’s status. If a user is not assigned to a project, they will not see that project, even if they are an admin on the workspace.

Project Owner

When a project is created, the user creating it will be assigned as the owner of the project. The owner has slightly elevated permissions over the project than other users (including admins). Only the project owner will be able to delete the project or update its status.

Client Access

Clients cannot create projects, and they cannot view projects to which they are not assigned.


Admin and employee users, when assigned to a project, will be able to view and edit most everything on the project, including tasks and discussions, although they may not be able to delete certain things if they did not create them. Ownership (as described under Project Owner) applies to tasks, task lists and discussions as well. Likewise, marking a task complete can only be accomplished by the task owner or a user assigned to the task.