A core function of Socius is account management. Accounts generally consist of a name, URL, username\password combination, a category and notes. Like documentation, access is controlled with a fairly complex permissions system which takes client access into account.


  • Search:Depending on permissions, accounts are returned in the global workspace search, which is accessed with the search input in the main navigation bar.
  • Sharing: Accounts can be attached to comments on discussions and tasks. They can also be shared via email. A secure link will be generated and emailed to the user.
  • Categorization: Socius comes with a number of preset categories for accounts. These account categories can be edited by the admin to fit the needs of your particular workspace.
  • Archives: Old accounts can be archived, which will remove them from the main account screen.


Admin users and employees can create, view and edit all accounts on a workspace. Client users can add their own accounts and view accounts that have been made public on the workspace. To make an account visible to a client, use the gear icon on that account and select Make Public.