User Groups and Permissions

Socius contains the following user groups, listed in hierarchical order:


The admin can do everything an employee can do. In addition, they can add other admin users and change application settings.


The employee can do everything a client can do. In addition, they can:

  • Add projects
  • Add task lists
  • Add discussions
  • View and add tasks to any task list
  • View and add topics to any discussion
  • View the whiteboard
  • View and search all accounts and documentation on a workspace
  • Add people to a workspace
  • View everyone’s assigned tasks within a workspace


The client can:

  • View projects to which they are assigned
  • View discussion groups to which they are assigned (and add new discussions)
  • View tasks and task lists to which they are assigned
  • Add and view their own account information
  • View public accounts
  • View documentation attached to projects to which they are assigned

Additional Permissions

In addition to the permissions of your assigned user group, users are also assigned ownership of any project, task, discussion, account or documentation they create. Ownership can affect who can delete or view an item, or who can edit certain metadata assigned that object. For example, project owners have the ability to delete or update the status of a project they started. Task owners will receive notifications when a task is updated or commented upon.