Plans For Any Business

Convert your paper records to indexed, electronic content, making it easy to search and locate what you need. Increase your mobility and enhance remote work opportunities for your team. Scanning and managing your paper records along with your electronic records creates a seamless single source for all of your vital information. Our team consists of professionals with decades of experience in scanning and conversion.

Features & Benefits

Cost Effective

Scanning and conversion of content can be time consuming and may require specialized equipment. Let us do the work for you and let your team focus on running your operation. Our turnkey service is tailored to your exact business rules and requirements.

Professional Results

We are trained to locate misfiled records at scan and to quality check both the paper records and the digital output that constitutes your archive. Let our years of experience in professional records management design an index that provides a unified approach to your electronic records.


In today’s business environment, records can take more than one form and may be managed in more than one location. Scanning paper and converting content allows your business to manage both paper and electronic files as the same record. Linking digital content and scanned paper ensures that your team always has the entire record at their fingertips in one location.

Remote Work

More than ever before, business are taking advantage of remote work plans. Operations have become decentralized, enabling team members to collaborate remotely from home, or any location where they can participate and remain productive. Scanning paper records is key in enabling effective remote teams. If your team can fully realize all your business assets and operational tools, they can continue to produce results wherever they may be.

Security and Savings

Maintaining commercial real estate to store paper records is costly. Many times, records are boxed and removed to non-secure remote locations. Records are easily misplaced and it can be time consuming to retrieve them, creating liability. If your team has to spend vital time accessing and locating records, this reduces productivity and costs the operation time, money and resources.


All businesses, no matter the size, are legally required to create a record of operations and to maintain it in compliance at all times. Paper records are no different than emails or electronic documents. Scanning records ensures they are managed properly and in compliance based on legal requirements and policies. Scanning records also ensures they are secure, limited in access and fully backed up remotely to eliminate risk of loss through fire, theft and acts of God.

Any Type of Record

We can expertly convert and index any type of record your business creates from HR, accounting and legal to contracts and land records or manufacturing and Shipping\Receiving. With, there are no limits to what we can provide in conversion services. If you are an engineering or architectural firm, we can convert any drawing, map or specification package. Our team can create permanent raster (image) files from CAD or convert raster images back to CAD. Whatever type of record you create, receive or maintain, we can covert it.

Turnkey Service

Our team will survey your records to create a project scope and identify any records that should be destroyed. Then we provide an accurate quote for your review. When we arrive on site, we box and label your records and transport them to our facilities for conversion. While we have custody of your records, our team will retrieve any record you need in a timely and professional manner. We use our own software to securely distribute requested records back to your authorized agents. Once the conversion is complete, we provide a detailed inventory of all records scanned and provide compliance documentation. Finally, we can also dispose of your records through certified destruction. We provide a total outsource solution for your project.

A Total Solution

We can provide any type of capture or print services your business needs. If you have pages of files that need to be copied or printer, we provide print back services. If you are a law firm, we provide document discovery services and distribution to parties of interest. Our services are backed up by our software solutions, which we bundle with your project to create unified, cost effective, total solutions for your business. You can start simplifying your operations by scanning a single box of records, or jump into our records management ecosystem with file labels on our introductory software tier. The first step in any solution is accurate and competent information, which our team will provide.

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