Search Engine Marketing

Paid traffic is a complementary strategy used in conjunction with your organic search strategy that can benefit many businesses. A search ad is one placed in a search engine for a specific keyword or phrase. For a small fee per click, you can guarantee some share of the search traffic for your desired search term. In addition, or perhaps in lieu of search ads, social media ads may be a viable option, depending on your target audience. We recommend a search weighted strategy for our B2B clients and a social weighted strategy for our retail or direct to consumer clients. Either way, digital ads are a great way to get page views and collect business intelligence.

Features & Benefits

Flexible Budget

Traditional advertising often involves hefty, inflexible costs. The beauty of online ads is in the flexibility to set your own ad budget and pause or remove the ad at a click of a button.

Quick to Deploy

Digital ads are quick to set up and involve very little upfront costs. Get your ad running in a matter of a few hours.


Online ads allow for unprecedented insight into how your ad is performing, your audience, keywords, demographics and more.

See What Works

Digital advertising can be an effective way to kick the tires on a new idea. For a small investment, you can gauge interest in an idea or create a landing page to get email signups for it.

Grow Your List

Targeted digital ads that lead to an optimized landing page are an effective way to grow your email list quickly.

Create Brand Awareness

If you are in an industry or geographical location with a lot of competition, it can be difficult to list on the first page for your business, product or service. Search ads may be one of the only ways for you to create brand recognition online.

Social Media Ads

Did you know your content may not be reaching your followers? Many social media sites limit the reach of posts such that only a small fraction of your audience actually sees your content. Social media ads can be a good way to build meaningul connections with your audience.

Search Engine Ads

Paid placement in search is one of the most effective ways to boost your traffic. Rank high in search with an engaging ad that leads directly to a conversion page. Let us help you design a budget that will fit your needs.