Growth Stats

78% of US residents use social media, and that number is expected to increase by 5% a year. Internationally, users are up to 1.96 billion, which will likely grow to 2.5 billion by 2018. If your company is not currently marketing through social media, you could be losing out on a serious increase in revenue. It has become a crucial aspect to marketing any small business. 70% of small businesses that utilize it see return on investment within five years.

Features & Benefits

Create Brand Awareness

Social media creates brand awareness. It is a virtual flyer which brings in new clients by spreading a larger net than typical advertising.

Customer Loyalty

Help create loyal customers through consistent interaction and relationship building.

SEO Boost

When people see posts from your small business, they will go directly to your website to get more information.

Event Marketing

Stretch your investment in an event by drawing more attention. You can be linked, cross-searched, and hash tagged through multiple platforms.

Direct Connection

Become better able to resolve problems with customers quickly. This will improve your company’s ratings.

Manage Your Image

Boost sales through a positive public image. People will read reviews of your company whether you have a presence or not. By having social media accounts, you have a voice and are better able to influence your image. People prefer to buy from a business with a positive image.

Is It For You?

Still pondering what social media can do for your small business and if you really need it? Further benefits include the ability to quickly target specific clientele in an easy to use, customizable format. In addition, you will reach customers you weren’t directly marketing to. You can end up with great customers you didn’t know existed. Social media marketing is right for many small businesses, as it is an affordable mass-market solution.