App Development

Now, more than ever, small businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and opting to go mobile. Business owners are starting to understand the opportunities a mobile app can bring. It can be one of the best and easiest ways for customers to interact and engage with your business.

Features & Benefits


If your product is a subscription or content based, a mobile app may be a lucrative avenue to monetize your content or service. App stores provide an extra avenue for promoting your business to millions of users.

Hardware Access

Smart devices have all kinds of hardware features, many of which are inaccessible to a web page. If your business requires access to hardware on the device, a mobile app is generally the only way to get that. Examples include access to health information, app notifications, GPS or even third party peripherals.

Marketing Opportunities

Mobile apps provide a range of informative content to their users. Any information becomes readily available at your customers’ fingertips. You can even integrate your mobile app into various social media platforms, which increases your reach. Push notifications are brilliant tool for marketing since they can remind customers of sales and promotions and send them directly to your product.


Your company’s logo is right on your customer’s phone, which they likely see every day and reminds them of your brand. It is also an advantage over competitors who haven’t gone mobile yet.

Customer service

Being able to access your products, services, and helpline (if you have one) at any time is a great tool which customers appreciate.


If you have a reward system or loyalty program, having a mobile app provides an easier way for your customers to reap benefits from using your app. This also boosts customer loyalty.


advanSR (pronounced advancer) is a fun, engaging, and rewarding tool that helps students and their parents to enhance productive scholastic behaviors. advanSR focuses on improving four areas of educational life: Attendance, Assignment Completion, Extra-Curricular Activities and Parental Engagement. Motivating Students to Succeed.

Liberty Classroom

Liberty Classroom is a membership website with a mobile app. We built Liberty Platform, which is a web service capable of powering multiple websites and apps. Liberty Platform also handles subscription management. On top of Liberty Platform, we built a new WordPress membership site with an affiliate program integration from Tapfilliate and a mobile app with in-app purchase integrations for both iOS and Android. Liberty Classroom is one of our most ambitious projects, showcasing the capabilities of our application framework for both web and mobile.

Healthcare Marketplace

We used our proprietary application framework to create a mobile app which we describe as the Uber of healthcare. Patients can search and rate providers while finding the lowest price on medical services in their area. We also integrated the GoodRx API to provide patients with the lowest price on prescription medications. Finally, our app contains a searchable database of so called concierge providers, or doctors which provide service on a subscription basis.

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