Documentation is created using a visual editor in Socius. Like accounts, access is controlled with a fairly complex permissions system that takes client access into account.


  • Outline: The software will generate an outline using document headings. For this reason, it is very important to use a properly formatted, hierarchical heading structure to mark up your document.
  • Search: Search any document using the search input in the left column above the outline. Simply enter a search term and hit enter. Documentation is also returned in the global workspace search in the top navigation, depending on permissions.
  • Sharing: There are two ways to share a document. One is to click the gear menu and select Share via email. This will create a public link for the email address you choose. This link will be automatically emailed to the user. The user will have the opportunity to download the document as a PDF, and you can view the list of shares at the bottom of the document. Another option is to attach a document to a comment on a task or discussion. This latter option requires a registered user with access to your workspace.
  • Categorization: Socius comes preset with a number of documentation categories. These categories can be customized by the workspace admin for the needs of each workspace.
  • Archives: Old documents can be archived, which marks the document as archived and removes it from the main documentation list.


Admin users and employee users can create, view, edit and search any documentation on a project. Client users cannot create documentation at all. By default, they are also unable to view documentation. When viewing the documentation screen, they will be shown a message stating that no documentation has been shared with them. In addition to the sharing options above, admin and employee users can add documentation to a client’s account by using the gear menu and selecting Make visible to the client. At that point, you can attach the document to a project and the client user will be presented with a documentation interface, indexed by project.