What are SEO Best Practices?

Content is king. Google will not place you anymore without informative, easy to read content with appropriate keyword density. Search engines have advanced to the point where they can actually read and understand your content, deciding if it’s high quality or not.

In the past, it was possible to use tricky methods to game the search engine into ranking your site. Today, while that may still be possible in the short run, Google will eventually de-list your website if your content is not well written and relevant.


Responsive web

Search engines favor mobile friendly websites, and responsive design most of all. A responsive website is one which uses a single code base, yet adjusts to fit the screen on which it is viewed, providing a comparable experience on every device.

Title, URL and description optimization

Optimizing these web page elements can still go a long way to getting your content placed on search results pages.

Site speed

We use a variety of methods to decrease page load times on your site, which is becoming a huge factor in search placement.

Descriptive page naming or renaming

Sometimes, the issue is as simple as a page title, name or URL that doesn’t match your content. Use descriptive names to convey meaning more accurately to search engines and your rankings will climb.


SSL is a technology for encrypting traffic on the Internet, and websites without a valid SSL certificate will find it hard place in search results. In fact, some browsers are beginning to block websites without it.

XML sitemap creation

An XML sitemap is a list of all the pages you want crawled by search engines. Creating an accurate sitemap and submitting it to Google at site launch will greatly improve your search appearance and rankings.

Search Engine Marketing

In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), your brand may benefit from search engine marketing (SEM). If you have an ad budget, we can create a basic ad campaign to begin collecting analytics on search terms for your business. The price of these ad buys can be built into to your SEO package. Every month, we will analyze and refine your ad campaign to keep your business at the top of the list.

Using a strategy combining killer content, technically correct SEO and strategic SEM, we can almost certainly improve your brand’s exposure.

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