Socius Project Management

Socius is a business management application, containing project and account management, scheduling, documentation, a CRM and more. Use Socius out of the box like any standard project management tool or allow us to customize a workspace for you to tailor it for your exact business needs or workflow. The most powerful part of Socius is the ability to integrate it together with our basic website product to automate tasks, manage subscriptions, create support tickets and more.

Features & Benefits

Password Management

Securely store and share password and account information in your organization or with your clients.


Create and store documentation for your projects and easily and securely share them across projects or through email.


Through our plugin system, we can customize your Socius workspace to suit your unique needs.

Client Access

Socius contains user groups for employees and clients, each with their own permissions. Share your workspace with a client and show them just what you want them to see.

Web Based

Socius works in any modern web browser and on mobile devices, allowing your team to collaborate remotely.

Recurring Tasks

Managing small, repetitive tasks can be a chore, but set up your project with recurring tasks and let the system handle notifying and managing these tasks for you so you can focus on running your business.