Simplicity RMS

Simplicity RMS is a versatile SaaS records management software platform. It combines a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive and flexible platform, making it a capable and affordable solution for organizations small and large. It can also be integrated easily with Simplicity RFID and existing enterprise applications. With Simplicity RMS, you can retain, organize and govern documents and other records with ease.

Features & Benefits


Any policy or procedure that can be defined can be implemented and deployed. The software is completely customizable to your specific workflow.


Whether you’re a small business managing a few hundred records, to a large enterprise managing hundreds of thousands, we have a solution for every sector and budget.

Ease of Use

Our intuitive interface allows you to access all of the software’s key features within a few clicks. You will love how easy it is to scan, view, edit, locate and destroy records with all of the features you’ll need such as requests, check in/check out, notifications, RFID integration, retention scheduling and legal holds, reports, search, label printing, and more.

Bexar County Clerk of the Court

Bexar County approached us looking for a progressive records management system that could help them catalog, organize and preserve the county’s rich historical and cultural heritage. We delivered Simplicity RMS to the city, detailing and inventorying nearly 40,000 historical records for digital capture in the process while allowing city staff to easily engage in the process of cataloging historical documents into bound volumes.

First Choice Technology

We were presented with vital business records in the areas of mission critical customer service and corporate contracting that required distribution across a team of 8 members, each working remotely and independently from each another. While the team was cohesive and its mission was well defined, a secure solution for distribution and access to records was required to enable each member in their individual assignments.

DC Office of Contracting and Procurement

DC-OCP manages the purchase of $5.6 billion in goods, services and construction annually, on behalf of over 76 District agencies. To begin the new integration, we engaged in a large-scale data migration. We verified data and seamlessly transferred DC-OCP’s record history from its existing applications to ours. Then, we updated their records management system by integrating fixed and handheld RIFD readers.