What Records Management Can Do For You

Businesses produce records. Every company does it, large or small; if you are in business, you create business records. When you introduce software into your operation, you are still creating business records, and they take another form. While software offers opportunities to reduce paper in your business, the reality is that the more compliance and operations software you use, the more records you create. Some companies have taken to digitizing or scanning records but find that they still, by necessity, are creating paper records.

What digital conversion has brought is efficiency, but it also has produced two types of documents that still have to manage. Paper and electronic records live in the same space but need different records management plans. Or do they?

A good records management plan needs sound records management software. Knowing what you have is essential regardless of how you keep your records. Simplicity RMS is one of the few cloud service applications that can cover your entire digital plan. A digital plan provides the methods and policies that allow businesses to manage everything they create in a digital world. Business and technology go hand in hand. So even if your business’s records are electronic, they need to match documents related to them when they are physical and paper-based.

What is Simplicity Records Management Software?

Simplicity RMS is vital for records tracking, for those files and documents in your business that you still use and still need, and it also tracks and manages electronic content. Every day your business and your employees collect content you rely on to get the job done. Files get overwritten, deleted, named in non-logical conventions, and essentially dumped into a digital wasteland. Saving them randomly on workstations or network shares is cumbersome. Business records need a business level records management software. We are that solution.

Every day your business adds paper to filing cabinets, drawers in desks, and boxes. Paper seems to find any space and then occupies it. But do you know what you have? Do you know where it is and how to use it? Should you even have it? We provide a managed space for your records management needs in a cloud application like Quickbooks, Slack, or other productivity software.

We allow you to manage the vital business information that other cloud offerings create. The RMS puts it all in one place and manages it the same way every other business function is managed, with a plan. Get in touch today to enhance your digital records management plan.

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