Document Management: Your Other Digital Plan

A digital plan is something businesses use to develop and implement marketing strategies. In marketing, the company desires growing revenue. To thrive in business today, you must be successful in digital marketing plans, so this digital plan is constantly growing, evolving, and meeting the company’s needs. 

Let’s talk about the other digital plan businesses have that has nothing to do with marketing. This digital plan is what you use to manage your paper files, physical assets, and electronic content. Answer the following questions to assess the state of your digital strategy for all your vital business information.

  • Do I lose time due to lost files or documents?
  • Do I have a method for managing my physical data and electronic data?
  • Do I have a particular project that falls outside of an enterprise-wide solution?
  • Do I have assets that require tracking for compliance or theft prevention?
  • Do I have multiple physical locations for my business records and assets?

These questions illustrate common challenges facing many organizations today, regardless of their size. While large organizations may have enterprise-wide systems for their business processes, they may struggle with planning and tracking recurring and single-use projects. Small and mid-size companies may have something less comprehensive than an enterprise-wide solution but face challenges with their record and asset management. Those challenges involve managing a user base, integrating physical and electronic data tracking, and managing multiple locations that house vital business documents and assets. 

We developed our solutions in collaboration with our clients, large and small, so we are uniquely positioned to capture and solve the pain points plaguing your digital content management plan. Below are the results we’ve achieved in developing solutions for our clients. 

  • Flexible Record Configuration: We can match any data model with highly flexible and quickly deployed record metadata schemas. 
  • Intrinsic parent/child relationships: E.g., documents in a folder or folders in boxes. If you’re tracking at the document level, you will have a direct path from the paper to the box. We can provide document-level barcode, folder, and box labels (if required).
  • Efficiency: We quickly deploy affordable solutions.
  • Simplicity: Effortless to build upon beyond an initial configuration. The offering is tiered so that we can scale with your needs. It’s easy to understand and use.
  • Business Process: Our systems come standard with workflow and process capture, including notifications and queues.
  • Adhoc Report and List Creation: With a good record schema, most reporting can be handled on the fly by searching and compiling a report with the click of a button.
  • History: We provide comprehensive history compilation and reporting at the record and user levels.
  • File Formats: We can add record content as images, MS Office files, and video content. In addition, we offer a scan client for a small fee.
  • Electronic Forms: We can configure forms to capture standard data fields, photographs, and signatures. We can integrate forms into your business process with our workflow builder.
  • RFID: Ready to automate? Our RFID systems automate location tracking with fixed doorway readers or UHF handheld devices.

Visit our online portfolio for software solutions related to life-cycle records management and asset management. 

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