Records Management Software Tiers

What is Records Management Software?

Organizations use document and records management to manage documents and content throughout their organization, from creation to destruction.

Typically, systems consider a document or file a work-in-progress until it has undergone review, approval, lock-down, and (potentially) publication, where it will wait for use. The version of the saved form containing user content will become a formal record within the organization. Electronic document management software enables the management of paper files (through conversion to digital images) and other electronic content such as Word documents, pictures, and PDF’s to name a few file formats. Workflow, versioning, and approval rules are applied based on the needs of the business.

Once a document achieves the status of a record, the organization may apply best-practice or legally enforced retention policies. These policies state how the second half of the record life cycle will progress, typically involving retention (and protection from change) until some events relate to the record and trigger the final disposition schedule to apply to it. Eventually, typically at a set time after these events, records are destroyed.

Electronic document management software defines users and privileges, approvals, and versioning. You can use the software on your organization’s servers or access it via a browser in a cloud environment. In either case, defined security protocols apply to all electronic content.

File Label Express and Simplicity RMS

Records management professionals designed and developed File Label Express to bring high-quality and responsive web solutions to your filing requirements. We are a low-cost provider of color-coded file labels and print services. Are you in the market for a filing system, or are you still relying on your office supply provider, filing system dealer, or RMS software provider for file label and tracking solutions? File Label Express can help.

Simplicity RMS is a versatile SaaS records management software platform. It combines a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive and flexible platform, making it a capable and affordable solution for organizations small and large. With Simplicity RMS, you can easily retain, organize and govern documents and other records. It can also be integrated easily with Simplicity RFID and existing enterprise applications.

File Label Express is our entry-level file tracking solution for record and label creation. Simplicity RMS allows you to access the world of life cycle records management with its scalable application tiers.

File Label Express Features

File Label Express provides a web-based interface where users create data-driven file labels. You can enter data manually or upload and map fields from a spreadsheet. With its standard label library, File Label Express is compatible with many filing systems. The system discards your data after you print your labels.

Simplicity RMS Essentials

RMS Essentials provides a records management system for records entry with data storage and simple check-in\check-out features for records or item tracking. We collect data in defined record types with custom forms and store that data in the cloud.

Records Management Software Features

  • Data Storage
  • Unique Record Check and Notifications: The system checks entered data to ensure no duplicates exist. If users enter record data, we store it in a list and send a notification.
  • Check In\Check Out: RMS Essentials is a basic tracking system with locations defined as physical places or people.
  • Record History: Tracks all actions at a record level, allowing display, search, and reporting to a spreadsheet or PDF. Search is available.
  • User History: Tracks all actions at a user level, allowing display, search, and reporting to a spreadsheet or PDF. Search is available.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting: The ability to create lists of records from a search or browse option and compile them to a report which can be exported\printed as a PDF or spreadsheet.

Simplicity RMS Plus

RMS Plus provides many features from RMS Essentials with added features and workflows for document management.


  1. Document Management: Allows users to upload or scan document attachments.
  2. Record Request Management: Simplicity RMS can serve as the primary request mechanism for physical and electronic records.
  3. Granting Approvals: This feature restricts access to specific documents or files, so an automatic approval process occurs when a user requests an item.
  4. Notifications: Requestors receive status on requests; approvers receive approval requests and messages when approved files are distributed. Users are also notified when they request a checked-out record.
  5. Approval and Request Tracking: Ability to track open and closed requests and approvals

Simplicity RMS Pro

Because Simplicity RMS is not just an off-the-shelf product but also a customizable platform, we can offer the RMS Pro tier, our custom application package. We will work with your organization to document and implement custom workflows and processes in our software or integrate Simplicity RMS with existing systems.

Through our application tiers from Express to Professional, we built Simplicity RMS to scale with your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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