Configuring your Mail Client

A mail client is generally a desktop client like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail, or a mobile app on your smartphone. In order to get these programs working with your email on our servers, you need to create a mail account within them and enter our server information and credentials (your email and password). You can also find your configuration settings within the webmail interface. There are setup instructions and files for many common mail applications.

Set Up Email on your Device

If you would like to use your email with your favorite desktop client or your mobile device, you will need to configure the mail application with the appropriate settings to get it to work correctly. If you would like to manually configure your client, you can do so with the settings on our POP, IMAP and SMTP server hostnames and ports page. Otherwise, the webmail client can email you instructions for your device type. Alternatively, use the Automatically configure my device link to download a file that you can use to configure your device.

Tutorial Videos

If you have never configured a mail client before, here are some helpful videos explaining how to set up various common applications:

Android phones use various mail accounts, so you may need to look up a tutorial for your particular mail client. There are also special settings for Android within our webmail interface which help you get your calendar working.