File Tracking System Scalability

While much of the information we once stored on paper is now digital, in a file tracking system, managing paper alongside electronic content remains challenging. Requirements surrounding managing your organization’s vital data can change based on company policy, regulatory requirements, and the volume of incoming documents. It would be best if you had a solution to meet the need to provide accessibility with accountability to your company’s information.

Consider where your information resides in the life cycle management of your records.

File Tracking System

File label software that creates a custom label and allows you to print it only addresses the first step in the life cycle management of your information. You still need to address these records’ distribution, use, maintenance, and disposition. In these cases, it is common practice to use file labeling strategies (such as custom color labels, barcoding, and terminal digit filing) to differentiate records.

Because your documents will go through this cycle and because you will have multiple copies in different stages, it becomes critical that you employ tools to manage this. Many business sectors still maintain paper records alongside imaged documents.

File Label Express is software that provides custom label design and labels compatible with existing filing systems such as Smead or Tab. We developed it as a day-one-to-archive solution (for both paper and electronic content) to address all the stages of a record’s life cycle. Through our application tiers, your business can scale your records management system as you grow so you can use our label printing solution at File Label Express to start.

From File Label Express, you can move to our RMS suite of products: RMS Essentials, RMS Plus, and RMS Professional. We designed these products to address the more robust needs of the remainder of the record life cycle after creation. You control your data’s distribution, use, maintenance, and disposition using our RMS software. You add functionality by moving to the next tier.

Our simple, user-friendly document imaging feature allows you to distribute documents electronically to internal and external stakeholders. Get the most productivity out of your system by using our document scanning and indexing feature to create electronic content from paper for easy distribution and archiving.

Maintenance rules and the final disposition of the records are also tracked through the system to ensure retention schedules are met. You can access this information easily through system reporting, so no guesswork is involved in maintaining and disposing of the data in your file tracking system.

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