File Label Express WordPress Plugin

We have provided branded portals for our file label software since 2015. These work well for our label dealers, but we wanted to create a seamless experience for end users. To this end, we have launched a software embed code.

You can now embed our software directly on your site with our WordPress plugin or HTML tag. The WordPress plugin also comes with a standard library that supports many filing systems out of the box. Of course, we can and also do design custom labels daily. All you need is a dealer code.

With the flexibility to embed our software in your brand experience, you can now create a portal where users can place label orders with you directly on the same landing page as the label printing software. Our branding or URL will not be visible at any point in the process.

In addition, you can roll out company codes to your customer base rather than having them register multiple accounts with us, creating a streamlined process for resellers and end users alike. We include documentation for our WordPress plugin, so it is a breeze to set up.

Please contact your Simplicity rep or register for our reseller portal today to get more information.

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