SEO: Keyword Consistency

There are two minor changes that can be made to your site copy that will have a positive effect on SEO.

Special Symbols

It is important to know that trademarking symbols (such as TM or (R) or the like) are counted as separate words by search engines – they are not ignored. So, there is an actual semantic difference between “Company” and “Company[TM]” Now while it has been shown that using those symbols can potentially increase your click through rate, they are negatively affecting the rankings in the first place. Additionally, once you have established something as a trademark, it is unnecessary to mark it as such at every instance in the text. Actually this can dilute your authority to the reader, because it appears “forced,” or that you are more concerned with protecting or promoting your trademark than providing the user with the information they came for.

Keyword Consistency

Second, there is also a semantic difference between, for example, “wellbeing,” “well-being,” and “well being.” These are all counted as separate keywords, so using all three forms on the same page dilutes your keyword authority. In this instance, I would recommend the following changes: to improve SEO: 1) Remove all trademark and registered trademark symbols from the copy, except for the one instance you are using to establish the trademark (For example, on the “About” page, or in the footer). 2) Ensure that all intended keywords follow the same form, so for example all instances of “Wellbeing,” “well-being,” and “well being” on a page might all be changed to “wellbeing.” These are both changes that can be made without affecting slugs/permalinks or setting 301 redirects.

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