Siri Reads Web Pages: Step-by-step Instructions

Did you know your favorite Apple personal assistant, Siri, has the capability to read your Safari web pages? This feature is called Speak Screen.

There are many reasons why Speak Screen is beneficial for consumers. First, it promotes convenience and safety. Siri can keep you safe by reading web pages to you while you are driving, for instance. You can also pop on some headphones and avoid motion sickness if you’re a passenger. Next, Siri bridges the gap between language barriers or illiteracy and knowledge and self-confidence. Siri can help you learn how to read as you go along with the text. You can also put Siri on speaker and share pages in different languages, which is helpful for those with thick accents. Additionally, Siri can help with accessibility. People who are otherwise unable to read web pages for themselves due to blindness or disability can gain their own independence. Overall, this easy-to-use feature is worth the know-how.

How to activate Siri’s Speak Screen

Find the General tab in your Settings app and then Accessibility. Under Accessibility, find the Speech tab and then turn on Speak Screen. You have successfully activated this feature.

How to use Siri’s Speak Screen

To put Speak Screen to use, open Safari and go to your desired web page. Siri will read all the content on the web page by default. You can disable unwanted content (such as ads) first by tapping the icon with four horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen.

Now that you have activated “Reader View,” take your two fingers and swipe down from the status bar. A small Safari bar will appear at the top. The menu allows you to go to a previous web page or close the box. The turtle and rabbit icons allow you to speed up or slow down the text. You also have the options to fast-forward, rewind and pause. Once Siri has read your page, you can close or go to another site and repeat the process.

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