If you are an employee user or higher, you will have access to this tab, which acts as a virtual whiteboard, listing projects on every workspace to which you have access. This screen will give you a quick overview of each project with a completion percentage, status and more. You can expand the project overview with the arrow on the top right of each project.

Completion Percentage

There are two completion percentages, one based on hours and one based on completed tasks. In order to see the completion percentage, an hours estimate will need to be provided for each task. The system will keep a count of the total number of hours for each project and calculate the percentage based on that. If an hours estimate is not provided, this will always show zero. In addition, because the hours are only estimated, there is also a task list completion criteria. Using the percentage and the completed tasks, it should be possible to find an estimated completion percentage for a project.

Status and Stage

Each project owner can assign a status and stage using the Update Project button on the sidebar in side the project.