First Choice Technology is a national telecommunications company providing business clients with scalable, cost effective solutions throughout the US and Canada since 2004.

We were presented with vital business records in the areas of mission critical customer service and corporate contracting that required distribution across a team of 8 members, each working remotely and independently from each other. While the team was cohesive and its mission was well defined, a secure solution for distribution and access to records was required to enable each member in their individual assignments. The concerns were two-fold:

  1. Deploy a highly controlled and secure content management environment
  2. Accomplish this task quickly and cost effectively

The challenge was to convert existing paper records and create a document management solution that met the challenge of operating an interdependent team across a huge geographical area.

Working closely with the project coordinator for First Choice, the paper records that needed to be converted were documented and packed securely at the point of origin in Dallas, TX. The records were then shipped to the Simplicity conversion facilities in Florida. Upon arrival, they were inventoried and manifested with a copy of the manifest provided to the project coordinator for verification.

Each record set was reviewed and effective metadata schemes were designed and presented for approval. A conversion strategy was created and approved, and the records were fully and completely converted to digital content within 30 days. Upon completion of the conversion, a document management solution was deployed in the cloud. The team of 8 members were enabled with permission based logins and the application was released.

This application has been in effect and continuously utilized since its inception in 2013. First Choice Technology continues to enable its remote team member with records, content creation and distribution. We were able to deploy affordably within 30 days while enabling the client to spread their investment over an extensible service offering.

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