advanSR (pronounced advancer) is a fun, engaging, and rewarding tool that helps students and their parents to enhance productive scholastic behaviors. advanSR focuses on improving four areas of educational life: Attendance, Assignment Completion, Extra-Curricular Activities and Parental Engagement. Motivating Students to Succeed.

Aufheben Technologies approached us with a venture to develop an educational aid in the form of a mobile app to incentivize kids in grade school through high school. Incentives included in school benefits like points at the school store, as well as (potentially) gift cards or other premium prizes. In addition to these incentives, we gamified the app with a virtual world and a serialized, episodic story and badges that would unlock as the student progressed through their adventure. We named and branded the app, created all the content including text, imagery and cut scenes. We created and illustrated a custom mascot named Ace. The app is bilingual, containing and English and Spanish version.

Finally, we created a Google Classroom integration with advanSR which would allow schools to use the app seamlessly with remote learning, controlling rewards from their Google Classroom environment. If you are a school interested in using advanSR to incentivize your students in areas such as attendance, community service or even academics, contact Aufheben to schedule a demo.