Leveraging RFID Technology to Improve School Safety

Written By: Jeremy Waller, MBA (Business Development Manager)

In Brief: The future of safety, security and risk mitigation for schools and universities could lie within RFID technology. Simplicity Solutions Group is developing innovative ways to leverage this technology in an effort to improve school safety.

In Full: Risk mitigation through RFID technology has been an integral component of business strategy for over four decades now. Since its beginnings in 1973, RFID technology as we know it today has grown to encompass every industry and sector imaginable.

From its humble beginnings in agribusiness (cattle tracking), to its robust usage in large scale supply chain implementations at corporations such as Wal-Mart, the RFID market has branched out to encompass every sector, with current technologies trending in health care, manufacturing and logistics among others.

According to IDTechEx, 2017 saw the global RFID market valued at $11.2 billion, with projections for 2022 close to $15 billion .

As we define the product life cycle at Simplicity Solutions Group, RFID tech is squarely within a growth stage.

While the most notable industry to reap the benefits of RFIDs has been the retail sector through loss prevention configurations and systems, even here there is room for growth. As of 2017 less than 20% of the addressable apparel market has been penetrated.

It is clear that RFID technology has staying power and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The versatility of RFID technology affords increasing levels of innovation and subsequent application.

Simplicity Solutions Group “simplifies” business processes and systems across many sectors through software, however one of the sectors that is of particular interest to us is the education sector.

We have successfully delivered products and software to school systems and higher education institutions across the country. Examples include physical access control, library shelving, asset tracking, label printing, and other projects. While we are well versed in these types of projects, our attention is also beginning to cater to improving school safety.

RFID technology has benefitted the law enforcement sector in many ways throughout the years with its versatility, and it is strongly positioned to aid schools with safety and security as well.

Simplicity Solutions Group is working on ways to implement comprehensive software solutions for school safety including IT asset tracking, student tracking and muster stations.

IT asset tracking keeps high cost commercial devices from theft, while student tracking such as having an RFID tag in a hall pass allows hall monitors and staff to know where a student is in case they do not return to class on time.

Muster stations can be aligned with security devices such as Campus Safety Products’ RhinoWare Door Barricade System. Muster stations centralize RFID signals so they communicate to law enforcement on computer screens on their end in real time where students are in a building during an emergency or active shooter situation.

RFID tech has certainly come a long way, and our experience dictates that it is not slowing down. The key is leveraging it into solutions that simplify business and that can even make our schools safer.

To learn more about how we can implement RFID systems or web, app and software projects for your business email us at info@simplicitysolutions.com or feel free to call 407-801-7100.

Source: IDTechEx (2017) https://www.idtechex.com/research/reports/rfid-forecasts-players-and-opportunities-2017-2027-000546.asp

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