Create A Logo With This in Mind

Most logos are designed using three colors or less (the majority stick to one or two colors). Color choice goes much deeper than, “I’ve always been fond of red.” In fact, a complex decision making process using psychology exists and is used to bring about a preferred association to a potential customer’s emotional response. How’s that for a mouthful?

Research is piled high for logo color trends, emotional responses to color, how color plays a role in brand personality, what the top companies use, strategies to stand out from competitors, and so on. In many instances, logo designers believe that they can target specific consumer reactions using color choice, so they customize the design according to the feeling they want to give to the consumer. In other ways, designers want to convey the mood and image of a business by portraying a targeted “brand personality” over stereotypical color associations. Overall, the consensus is that the design of your logo is important.

What is the idea of a logo anyway? The goal of a logo is to build recognition by repetition. Consistency is key because people recognize and remember patterns. A logo with a solid design should engrave a company’s mission into consumers minds, so when they see the logo, they feel like they trust the product and the message. When a business strategically repeats their logo in all forms of media and advertising, it increases the probability that prospects will remember the brand. Once positive brand awareness hits the masses, flashing the logo provides instant attraction and subsequently, business growth.

So, red can mean excitement, green can mean peaceful and trust goes to blue? Or, orange stands for confidence, white for calm and pink for romance? How does a business choose the right design and color scheme? A business should define a concrete mission statement, pinpoint the desired personality (fun, edgy, professional, clean, serious, etc.), and list services provided, and then delegate logo design to a professional. Design professionals, such as, have already done the work and know the characteristics of logo color selection combined with individual branding. Businesses only get one chance to make a first impression, and it could be the logo. Make it strong and fitting – – a stamp that represents the best.

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