Document Conversion, Scanning, RFID Services

File Label Express is more than a product to enable your records management system. It is a group of professionals who can efficiently service your records through their life cycle. Filing systems require service. In addition to the physical filing system, the services that keep it running are:

  • Archive Storage
  • Document Conversion
  • Destruction
  • File System Conversions

There are systems that work and systems that don’t. A service component will be required by your filing system at some point. Because of that, File Label Express is designed to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of transition. You’ll be ready when you need to consider the next step in the life cycle of your records. Because our solutions are so effective, they have been used by records managers in the following information critical industries:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • CPA’s
  • Insurance
  • Enterprise Corporate IS

Document Conversion Services

  1. File System Conversion Support – Transition your filing system from a “Top Tab” system to an “End Tab” system utilizing File Label Express. Cost in printing the labels will be reduced. Plus, there is the added benefit that file data will be captured simultaneously. Most importantly, this data can be used at project’s end to manage the system effectively.
  2. Document Scanning Support – Availability of electronic documents is critical today’s records management plans. Meta data (indexing) is captured by File Label Express at label creation. Because of this, the meta data can be used in scanning projects. Consequently, this will reduce indexing costs in your scanning project.
  3. Bulk RFID Label Printing – File Label Express is RFID Ready the minute you are. Our Bulk RFID Label printing service can deliver thousands of labels already commissioned in the File Label Express database. Use your staff to index and apply them. Or, we can take your file data and print and commission them ready to use.
  4. Data Conversion – Electronic content of all types is present in every type of business. Useful or vital information can be locked up in legacy systems that may not be supported, or are close to being abandoned by legacy providers. Create forward compatible content from any type of data or content in your business with the File Label Express conversion experts.

Why File Label Express?

File Label Express is built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. Capture the keystrokes you use to label your files for use in effectively managing those records. Finally, File Label Express offers a simple value proposition. Capture your work, your effort, and your file metadata as you are originating it. Use it again and again to advance your business interest in the records you create and maintain. It’s quite simple. You are doing this already, File Label Express will simply do it better.

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