The helpdesk is an addon which enables agents to interact with customers directly through Socius. Users create tickets simply by contacting an email address which is set to forward into the online helpdesk system.

Initial Setup

Contact us to enable the helpdesk for your Socius workspace(s). Once you are set up, you will need to create an email forward from your desired email address to:

Once your email forward is in place, it’s time to configure your workspace to handle tickets according to your needs.


Configuring the helpdesk is easy, and we provide the following configuration options to best serve your business process.

  • Incoming Email: The email address which was created under Setup. This is the email which forwards to
  • Helpdesk Admin: The user who is managing the helpdesk. The tickets will be created with this user as the owner, and they will have the ability to re-assign, delete or edit tickets.
  • Group Name: The name of the task list used to manage the tickets.
  • Message: The initial welcome message sent to the customer when a ticket is created.
  • Project: The project under which tickets will be created.
  • Users: The users who will be assigned to complete a new ticket.

Additional Routing

This setting is used to route tickets to groups of users depending on ticket subject. Example: a contact form routes into the helpdesk. This form provides a dropdown for support topic. The support topic is sent as the subject of the email, which then gets routed to different user groups depending on the subject (e.g., forgot password goes to technical support, payment issues go to billing).

Customer Interaction

When a ticket is created, the user receives an automated email acknowledging the ticket. The admin and agent(s) also receive a notification. On the agent side, interaction is handled through Socius with a normal task interface. By default, responses are not sent to the customer, so agents can feel free to communicate on the ticket without notifying the customer. Agents have a checkbox which allows messages to be shown to the customer.

The customer handles interaction with the helpdesk through email or through a web portal on Socius. The customer is sent a secure link where they can reply to the ticket. When they reply to the ticket, our software parses the response and attempts to add it to the appropriate ticket.