The Greater Heritage equips Christians for an abundant life of service, personal spiritual growth and character development through the study of God’s Word and the contributions of His people in the fields of art, literature and music throughout history.

The Greater Heritage approached us with a need to improve their web presence. As is common with many of our clients, they were using SquareSpace and needed to do more with the site, including adding an ecommerce component and a digital museum. In addition to the technical limitations of SquareSpace, many clients find the web design process cumbersome on that platform, and would rather focus on content creation and email list building than customizing their web page. That’s where we come in!

We branded TGH in late 2018 and helped launch a new website for them in April 2019. We also launched a digital museum, an online shop and even consulted on social media and advertising strategy. Since launching their website, the TGH team has been able to focus on content creation and has seen its audience grow to over 1000 visitors per month.

If you are a Christian looking for sound theology with intellectual rigor, please check out The Greater Heritage. If you like our work with TGH, please contact us today for a free consultation.

We originally used Squarespace to host our site, but we quickly outgrew the platform and needed a more flexible and robust system. However, cost was a limiting factor for us along with a lack of back-end technical knowledge. We were also concerned about placing our ministry into the hands of strangers, so getting a third party firm to develop a website for us seemed like a daunting challenge. We came across Simplicity Solutions Group and its Simplicity.Online platform and set up an initial discovery meeting to see how the team and its options could meet our needs. We wanted a site that would be sustainable, customizable and that was user friendly for those of us with limited technical skills. The Simplicity team’s consultation was excellent and we knew from the start that they would be our first choice. The team took the time to get to know us and our ministry. They educated us about current trends in web design and helped us think through and consider a bevy of options for our band image and website. What we enjoyed must about the experience was that the team was honest and upfront about pricing and their terms were clear. Simply put, they took the time to build our trust and to work within our needs. Suffice to say, we were sold. We signed up for a Simplicity.Online package and also got some branding work done for our business including logo work, business cards and a branding guide which have served us immensely. What sets the Simplicity team apart is their attention to detail and to the needs of the client. The team is knowledgeable and skilled, and they go out of their way to ensure your that your questions are answered. Also, they do not outsource and whenever we need help we can call and speak to an actual person which is rare in today’s world. For us in ministry we are not always the most technically savvy. Initially we were concerned that we would be taken advantage of by a firm that was just interested in our money. This was not the case with Simplicity Solutions Group, they’re honest and worthy of our highest recommendation. We cannot thank them enough for the work they have done to elevate our ministry’s brand image and website. Since we brought our site over, our Google rankings and site traffic have increased, we can edit and post content with ease and we have control over a multitude of options and features that really set us apart. J.R. Waller Founder, The Greater Heritage
J.R. Waller Founder
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