John Fairfull

Vice President/CIO

Software design, information technology and web development professional with experience in records management. Specializes in LAMP stack, agile method and rapid development to create sustainable business processes. Skilled entrepreneur, leader and writer.


2003 Co-Founded Diversified Techniques, Inc
2007 Web Developer at Ingero, LLC
2011 Manager of Development and Technology at KMDG, Inc. Worked as a developer for the tech industry, including projects for Symantec, VMWare and Clearwell.
2013 Lead Developer at International Guidelines Center, Inc. Single-handedly built an award-winning web platform which grew to 120,000 users in a short period of time. Experienced in healthcare IT, developing software in conjunction with industry as well as the largest medical societies in the world, including the AHA.
2013 Co-Founded Simplicity Solutions Group. Developed software products which are currently in production for government agencies such as the Federal Reserve System, the EPA and the National Institutes of Health.