Tasklists are a core component in project management. Any user assigned a project (besides a client) can create and manage task lists and tasks within them. However, only a tasklist owner or task owner may delete a tasklist or task. Client users will only see tasklists where they have assigned tasks. If a client is not assigned to a task or discussion, the project screen will appear blank to them.

A task consists of a name, description, assigned user(s) and various other metadata:

  • Due on: The due date for the task
  • Estimated time: The amount of time allotted to complete the task
  • Attachments: When creating a task description, you will have the opportunity to upload any relevant attachments
  • Discussion: Once created, users can leave comments on a task
  • Task history: Searchable history is created and stored for each action on the task

Tasks can optionally include sub-tasks or checklists. Each checklist item simply consists of an assigned user and a name\description. Only the user assigned to the checklist item will have the permissions required to check off that sub-task.