Miss Tara is a Licensed Esthetician who graduated with Honors from the Florida College of Natural Health and is a Certified Expert from the International Dermal Institute. With advanced training in paramedical aesthetics, dermal modalities, chemistry and science, Tara applies a unique and refreshing approach to achieving healthy beautiful skin. She believes your skin is an investment, NOT an expense! Her customized facial treatment plans paired with prescribed home care have given her clients fantastic results.

Tara’s old website was something she created quickly in SquareSpace, but felt it needed a designer’s eye. We moved her website to the WordPress platform and customized it to match her brand and give it that professional touch. We put together some additional pages with content she provided including CryoSkin, Menu of Services, and Gallery, and added live chat. The end result is function AND beauty.

If you’re local, Tara is an amazing esthetician with a wide variety of modalities and treatments available. Book an appointment or contact her today! If you like our work with The Facial Studio, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

They created me a fresh new website which I love!...Thank you Rakel!
Tara McVean Founder
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