Bowman Property Inspections is a licensed and insured home inspection service with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. They offer home inspections, light commercial inspections, 4 point inspections, and wind mitigation inspections.

We updated their logo with a new font, thickened the logomark some, and provided them with a variety of different logo files in vector and high resolution raster file formats. Before we worked on their logo update, they didn’t have any vector artwork or high resolution files. Vector file formats such as svg, eps and pdf are great because they can scale to any size and still retain a high quality output. When you get a new logo, you want to make sure you have all these different formats so whatever you put your logo on will be professional, crisp and clear.

Bowman’s previous website wasn’t cohesive with their brand and was a bit outdated as they have since added a new inspector to the team. It’s very important for websites to look professional with the right colors, fonts and a professionally designed logo. Bowman has a great reputation in the home inspection world, and now their website properly reflects their high level of professionalism and outstanding quality you’ll get when you hire them. Are you in the market for a home inspection? Be sure to contact them to schedule your inspection.