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Convert your paper records to indexed, electronic content and make it easy to search and locate what you need. Increase your mobility and enhance remote work opportunities for your team. Scanning and managing your paper records along with your electronic records creates a seamless single source for all of your vital information. Our team consists of professionals with decades of experience in scanning and conversion.

Our Document Scanning Process Is…

  • Cost Effective: Scanning and conversion of content can be time consuming and may require specialized equipment. Let us do the work for you to save time and money.
  • Professional: Due to our years of experience and training, we locate misfiled records at scan and to quality check both the paper records and the digital output that constitutes your archive.
  • Compliant: No matter the size, all businesses, are legally required to create a record of operations and to maintain it in compliance at all times. Ensure you manage your records properly by scanning them.

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They created me a fresh new website which I love!...Thank you Rakel!

Tara McVean
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